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CMHA Programs and Services

The Canadian Mental Health Association provides recovery-focused programs and services for people of all ages and their families. Follow the links below for details.

Affordable Housing

Please fill out one of the linked forms below and send it to or mail it to 651 Victoria Street, Kamloops BC V2C 2B3. Golden Vista Suites – Kamloops Golden Vista…

Bounce Back®: For Adults

Feeling overwhelmed, tired or like you’re in a rut? Are you more worried than usual or find yourself feeling angry more easily? Bounce Back® may be able to help.

Confident Parents: Thriving Kids

Confident Parents: Thriving Kids is a family-focused phone-based coaching service effective in reducing mild to moderate behavioural problems and promoting healthy child development in children ages 3-12. Trained coaches empower parents and/or caregivers to learn effective skills and techniques that support social skills and cooperation in their child.

Consumer Facilitation Fund

A program for individuals with lived experience and their families for projects, courses, and endeavors that relate to vocation, leisure & recreation, health & wellness, and personal education.  These endeavors…

Emerald Centre

Emerald Centre Is a co-ed, low barrier shelter that provides accommodation for women and men who are homeless. The centre operates 7 days a week, 365 days per year and…

Genesis Place

At Genesis Place, we are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those in need. Our program focuses on empowering individuals who are capable of and dedicated…

Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses

Promoting the mental health of post-secondary students, faculty and staff goes beyond providing individual support. We must look at the impact of the campus community: the words spoken, the policies and decisions made, the actions taken, the organizational culture and systems created, and the learning environments sustained.

Janice Lee Blue Wave Bursary

We know the teen years are when mental health and substance use problems often show up for the first time, and that this can get in the way of school and career goals. This post-secondary bursary program is open to BC youth under the age of 20 with lived experience.

Merit Place

Our goal at Merit Place is to empower our clients on their journey to reintegration, wellness, and independence. Active participation in their wellness plan is strongly encouraged, and our multidisciplinary…

Moira House

In May of 2022, CMHA Kamloops opened Moira House. Moira House was a new model of transitional recovery-focused shelter, funded by BC Housing, created with the goal of complimenting the…


We’re thrilled to share the incredible journey of Envision, which started as something else but turned into a beacon of hope for our community. Located at 346 Campbell Ave. Kamloops,…

Rosethorn House

Rosethorn House, CMHA Kamloops’ inaugural Supportive Housing complex, welcomed its first residents in January 2020. Comprising of 42 housing units, including 6 units designed for accessibility, Rosethorn House has become…

Scholarships and Bursaries

Since 1982, CMHA BC has been helping people with mental illness further their pursuit of post-secondary education through our scholarship and bursary programs. Several scholarships and bursaries are available each year to BC adults, 20 years of age or older, who are living with a mental illness or addiction.

Talk Today

Talk Today is a mental health education program designed to help athletes and their supporters learn about mental health and to help support players who may be struggling or at risk of suicide. Talk Today is delivered through partnerships with the BC Hockey League and the Canadian Hockey League.

Understanding Addiction

Understanding Addiction is a unique online training program for those who work directly or indirectly with people who face challenges with addiction.

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