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Moira House

In May of 2022, CMHA Kamloops opened Moira House. Moira House was a new model of transitional recovery-focused shelter, funded by BC Housing, created with the goal of complimenting the existing structure of shelter and supportive housing available in our community. The framework of this program is designed to support individuals who are ready to take steps forward in their life, but are feeling the effects of societal issues such as the housing crisis.

Moira House offers 41 single room occupancy units that allow each individual a private and safe space. Participants have most often transitioned here from an alternative and lower-barrier shelter program. For them to have transitioned to Moira, means the individual has worked to connect with supports and create stability in various aspects of their life. Once this stability has been established, they’re able to focus on further developing wellness, life skills and independence. The support offered at Moira House is designed to build individual capacity and make the connection to relevant resources that can support psychosocial rehabilitation, on areas such as home management, budgeting, meal planning, cooking, gardening, and physical, emotional, and mental wellness.

The goal is to provide all individuals staying at Moira House with the stability and skills needed to transition them into suitable housing that they can successfully maintain long term.

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