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Rosethorn House

Rosethorn House, CMHA Kamloops’ inaugural Supportive Housing complex, welcomed its first residents in January 2020. Comprising of 42 housing units, including 6 units designed for accessibility, Rosethorn House has become a symbol of resilience, as reflected in its name, which was chosen by residents and staff. The name “Rosethorn” embodies the metaphor that, just like how every rose has its thorn, every person has flaws, yet brings value and beauty into the world.

At Rosethorn House, the overarching goal is to empower individuals towards independence, and to that end, a robust network of support and advocacy is cultivated. Dedicated staff are available round-the-clock to provide assistance in building life skills and reintegrating into the community. As a bridge between residents and essential services, Rosethorn House has established partnerships with local service providers to ensure consistent care, including access to a nurse practitioner, wound care, sexual health clinics, and recovery services. Moreover, Rosethorn House equips residents with the necessary tools for virtual or distanced counseling sessions and other supports. This holistic approach to care, tailored to individual goals, helps facilitate a successful transition to alternative housing models.

For more information please call 236 425 2003

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