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September 2023 – Program Outcomes

When in shelter or housing, our clients are assigned a case manager that works with them to provide support, resources and aid in accomplishing their goals

Clients Assigned Case Managers and Offered Supports: 205

Clients work with their assigned case managers to develop a case plan that outline current circumstances, support needs, responsibilities, and their goals.

Completed Case Plans: 28

Addiction Services refer to clients receiving treatment referrals, detox, opioid agonist treatment (OAT), Kamloops Addiction Clinic, SMART Recovery Facilitation, & NA/AA

Addictions Services: 21

Clients referred to auxiliary services.

Referrals: 57

Clients are connected with education and training programs to help them achieve their goals that they outline during their case planning

Education and Training: 1

Cultural connections includes a variety of Aboriginal groups and societies in Kamloops as well as Kamloops Immigration Services.

Cultural Connections: 1

Psychosocial rehabilitation (also termed psychiatric rehabilitation or PSR) promotes personal recovery, successful community integration and satisfactory quality of life for persons who have a mental illness or a mental health and/or substance use concern.

Psychosocial Programming: 4

Clients are assisted in getting Income Assistance, PWD and other forms of financial support.

Income & Funding: 7

Clients moved into supportive housing.

Supportive Housing: 1

Rent subsidy applications.

Rent Subsidies: 0

Clients moved into transitional housing.

Transitional Housing: 0

Clients moved into Market Housing.

Market Housing: 2

Assessments completed to determine a client’s needs and suitability for housing options

Housing Assessments: 3

Clients are assisted in getting transportation and/or reconnecting with other communities.

Relocate/Reconnect: 9

Clients can engage with probation support, legal aid, legal clinics, and other legal services.

Legal: 4

Clients are assisted in obtaining Birth certificates, Metis or First Nations Status cards, and other forms of identification.

Identification Acquisition: 5

Clients are connected with employment services like Work BC, Open Door Group, among others.

Employment: 3

Clients are connected with multiple services that can assist with food security.

Food Security: 0

Shelter Occupancy:  September 2023

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