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A Step Forward to Big Change in Child and Youth Mental Health

Important recommendations in Select Standing Committee Report – The next step is to act boldly

Vancouver, British Columbia – The Canadian Mental Health Association’s BC Division (CMHA BC) sees yesterday’s release of Concrete Actions for Systemic Change by the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth as an important step toward a future of promoting, protecting, and improving the mental health and wellbeing of BC’s children and young people.

The report makes a number of positive and substantive recommendations that if acted upon could make a real difference.

Appointing a Minister for Mental Health, with a budget, mandate, and formal responsibility for services is the right thing to do. This kind of bold action stands to level the playing field, bringing greater equality between physical and mental health. We urge Government to not stop here, but to consider the need for the same kind of leadership in adult mental health, and the critical need to ensure substance use problems and addictions are part of the equation.

CMHA BC applauds other recommendations included in the report, including but not limited to,

“We have long been concerned that children’s and young people’s mental health and wellbeing has not been given the attention needed,” says Bev Gutray, CEO, CMHA BC. “The work of the Standing Committee has shone a light and made some timely recommendations, but we cannot stop here. The next steps are bold leadership and action, a commitment to staying the course with what we know works, and meeting the challenge of ensuring our system has the future of our young people in mind.”

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